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Tax Day draws complaints | News

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Tax Day draws complaints

ALBANY - Whether it's a coalition of progressive organizations demanding legislators close corporate tax loopholes: "many of these Fortune 500 companies who are making billions and record profits are paying little or nothing in state income taxes," said Ron Deutsch of New Yorkers For Fiscal Fairness. "At the federal level, many of them are getting big rebates."

Or Occupy Albany demonstrators trying to peddle 3-quarters of a cupcake to represent gender pay inequity between men and women.

Or President Obama, stumping for the Buffett rule, taxing the super rich at as least as high a percentage as a billionaire's secretary is required to pay.

"Also, in this year's budget, the Governor and the legislature failed to close any corporate tax loopholes that could have raised a billion dollars of revenue," noted Colin Donnaruma of Occupy Albany. "At the same time, the Governor is calling upon public employee unions to sacrifice more and more."

Tuesday was the day for everyone to complain about tax unfairness.

"We need to create jobs," said Joe Seeman of MoveOn. "We need to invest in infrastructure. Invest in clean energy, in education and we can do that if we tax the one per cent. If we make the millionaires, the greedy corporations pay their fair share." 


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