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Colonie boy helps to save his father's life | News

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Colonie boy helps to save his father's life

COLONIE -- Casey Stashenko's mother called him into the room when her husband collapsed on May 31st in their Colonie home.

"My health teacher taught us how to do the chest compressions for two classes, maybe 30 minutes on it and I just remember it somehow," said Casey.  "And apparently I did something."

The 13-year-old pushed his mother out of the way and took over CPR.

Shaker Road Loudonville Fire Lieutenant Drew Fox says when he walked into the house, it looked as if Casey was doing CPR just like a trained EMT.   

"I think it's amazing.  I don't know many 13-year-olds at that age that could, one: see their parent in that condition and not freak out, and then immediately go on to do CPR," said Lieutenant Fox.

"I'm very grateful that Casey was there when he was," said Casey's mother, Claudia Hutton.  "I thought I knew how to do chest compressions.  I work for the health department.  We talk about this all the time.  But when it was my husband and we got him down on the floor, I started pushing and pushing. Casey came by and said, 'you're doing it all wrong' and he was doing it in a different spot and much harder and much faster."

"The fact that he was there, working on his father immediately, that's pretty much what's going to save his life," said Lieutenant Fox.

Casey's family is proud of him.  Casey described his conversation with his father in the hospital.

"The first time I saw him, I told him about it and he kind of half cried, except he had a breathing tube in all around his mouth," said Casey.  "And he couldn't really talk but you could see a tear coming in right here, so he was pretty happy about that."

We're told that Casey's father, Joel Stashenko, has left the hospital and is now resting at home comfortably.

Tuesday night, the Shaker Road Fire Department and Colonie EMS will be giving Casey Stashenko an award for his life-saving actions.


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