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People gather outside Capitol Thursday for planned rally | News

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People gather outside Capitol Thursday for planned rally

ALBANY - For many, it comes down to a question of cost.

Opponents claim the Affordable Care Act does nothing of the sort, driving up costs.

Supporters argue it limits soaring medical bills while providing coverage to millions of additional Americans.

At the Capitol in Albany, demonstrators supported the court's decision but wish the law that was passed was structured differently.

"When so many insurance companies spend less than 60% of premium dollars on actual health care services, what has happened today is not a victory," said the Rev. Frances Rosenau of Westminster Presbyterian Church. "We need to go farther."

The poor have basic coverage through Medicaid.

The rich can afford to cover costs, no matter how high.

It's the many in the middle who have to count on employer provided coverage or try to pay on their own as costs continue to rise far faster than inflation.

"I see many people who are working poor who, even if they have insurance, can not afford the co-pays and the other requirements to maintain their health care," said Dr. David Ray, an internist at the Whitney Young Health Center. "So getting commercial insurance out of the act, getting pharmaceutical companies with their huge lobbies out of the act is the only way that we're going to achieve affordable health care." 


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