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Albany launches public access TV channel 18 | News

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Albany launches public access TV channel 18

ALBANY - For Aimee Allaud, Stephen Winters and Jean Terry, a small studio and control room in the basement of the main branch of the Albany Public Library represents more than a decade of hopes.

"We are thrilled to see this," Allaud said.."This is like a dream come true, I think, for all of us."

The studio has the basic equipment to make your own discussion show, video soapbox or experimental format.

You'll have to supply technical personnel as well as subject matter.

You can also submit pre-produced programming provided it stays within stated standards you can find out about on the Channel Albany website.

Aimee, Stephen and Jean don't have a specific program they're dying to do, but they like the idea of the public being able to communicate without third party gate keepers. 

"It's important that the public have the ability to sort of visualize and to sort of see programming that's happening in their community," said Winters.

There aren't many restrictions on what can be programmed on this public access channel. Even nudity and nasty language provided its in the so-called safe harbor period after 10PM.

It's already a 500 channel television universe. Here in the City of Albany, they've just opened channel 501.

"We have a great story to tell and let's tell it collectively," said Mayor Jerry Jennings. "Let's make sure people are aware of what we're doing with public access."


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