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State agencies coordinate storm response | News

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State agencies coordinate storm response
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ALBANY - Teams from a number of state agencies in the State Emergency Operations Center are monitoring the line of strong storms as they cross New York State. The center was activated by Governor Andrew Cuomo to track severe weather, and coordinate a quick and effective response.

Jerome Hauer, the State's Homeland Security Commissioner, says the biggest concern is search and rescue. He also says, "People trapped in houses people trapped in cars. people that wind up in facilities, stores, that wind up with serious wind tornadic damage."

The American Red cross says you should prepare at home too, like taking away anything that could blow away in high winds like garbage cans, hanging plants and lawn furniture.

Otherwise, those objects can act like torpedoes in severe weather, causing more damage to property.

The Red Cross also advises you to have an emergency supply kit ready, with first aid, flashlights, a battery powered radio, and a three day supply of food and water.

Caroline Boardman from the American Red Cross says, "We learned pretty seriously with Irene and lee that when we weren't prepared people got devastated by the storm's that hit it came up so suddenly so you want to be cautious and prepared."

With a combination of safety preparation at home, and at the state level, the hope is to be prepared for anything.

Hauer says, "We've got every state agency on alert they're here they're ready to go and we're going to do everything ensure the safety of every New Yorkers."

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