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Anti-bullying song launches in Capital Region | News

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Anti-bullying song launches in Capital Region

ALBANY - A two month project involving young students across the Capital Region finished Wednesday.

And the final product is something the students can listen to, learn from, and hopefully pass on the important message to their fellow students.

“Ladies and gentlemen this is the 5 county anti-bullying song, bullying is bad, bullying is wrong.”

You've probably heard his voice, but rarely do we get to see the faces behind the Sean, Richie and Bethany show.

This is Richie Phillips, and for the past two months, on top of his work here at WGNA, Richie has been working on a project.

He put together a song with the help of students from six classrooms in five counties across the Capital Region. It's an anti-bullying song.

He came up with the first two lines, and let the students do the rest.

“Bullying is wrong, can someone give me a word that rhymes with wrong, and one second grader girl raised her hand, and said King Kong,” says WGNA’s Richie Phillips.

Ms. Trainor's 2nd grade class at Menands Elementary helped out...

The young students in the song talk about seeing kids bullied on the bus, in the hallway, on the playground, even on TV.

“Like giving people a wedgie and stuff, yea that's not nice is it?” says one student when asked about bullying.

“Bullying is bad, tell them to stop, go away”

The finished product, the five county anti-bullying song, aired Wednesday for the first time

“Take a serious topic, but made it fun. I think it has power that way. It really was the epitome of a labor of love, it really was.” says Phillips.

To hear the full song click here.


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