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Tips for keeping pets safe and calm during Fourth of July celebrations | Pets

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Tips for keeping pets safe and calm during Fourth of July celebrations
Tips for keeping pets safe and calm during Fourth of July celebrations

The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society has suggested tips to keep your pets safe and calm during Fourth of July celebrations.

According to the society, pets often get loose during Independence Day week because they are afraid of loud and sudden noise that fireworks make.

“The loud sounds may cause some pets to panic, become excited or destructive, and perhaps run away from home in fear,” said Brad Shear, executive director of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.

Below are some tips and useful information on keeping your pets safe:

To help reunite any missing pets with their families, this year the Humane Society is offering microchips for only $15 on Sunday, July 1 through Tuesday, July 3. The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and is implanted by a veterinarian between your pet’s shoulder blades. The chip serves as a permanent identification of your pet.

Even if a pet loses his or her collar, shelters and veterinarians will be able to scan the chip and retrieve owner information, enabling them to reunite you with your pet.

All dogs to be microchipped must be on a leash, and all cats must be in a carrier. Microchipping will be available from 1PM to 4PM on Sunday and 10 AM to 5 PM on Monday and Tuesday.

Here are some top safety tips for your pets for the days surrounding the Fourth of July:

  1. Never take your pet to a fireworks event, and do not set off fireworks at home. (Home-use fireworks are illegal in New York State.)
  2. Never leave your pet in a car unattended.
  3. Keep your pet indoors in a quiet, secure place. Draw your blinds or window coverings if necessary.  White noise (like keeping a fan running) may also be helpful.
  4. For pets with severe anxiety, talk to your veterinarian who may recommend a sedative or herbal remedy for use during the holiday.
  5. Make sure your pet’s ID tag and microchip information are up-to-date.
  6. Provide plenty of fresh clean water. Pets may pant excessively when afraid.
  7. Leave a radio on with classical music or a talk show. Avoid loud or percussive music.
  8. Do not leave your pet outside. He may become so afraid he will escape (or attempt to) even though he has never tried this before.
  9. Do not leave your pet tied or chained up. When a pet is afraid he may try to escape from the chain and either injure himself or pull the chain loose.
  10. If your pet goes missing, check immediately with your local dog control officer and animal shelter.

The Humane Society has a virtual lost and found board on their website where people can post a listing for their lost pets and people finding pets can post found reports.  All strays found by the Humane Society are also posted at www.mohawkhumane.org.

The Society, located at 3 Oakland Avenue in Menands, is open for adoptions seven days a week, Monday through Fridayfrom 10AM to 6PM, Saturday 10AM to 5PM and Sunday 1PM to 4PM.  In addition, cats are available for adoption at the Society’s satellite locations at the Petsmart stores in Glenmont and Latham.  For more information, contact (518) 434-8128 or visit www.mohawkhumane.org.


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